Why The Waters is a Timeless Wedding Venue

YAY, you got engaged! The first thing you want to do is get the wedding venue that matches all of your unique criteria. What makes a wedding venue the perfect one? Well, many things come into account when it comes to this question. Our timeless venue will check all of your boxes. Our building has held hundreds and hundreds of weddings since the year it was built in 1903. There’s a reason that people keep coming back, and we know exactly why.

First and foremost, our building is over 100 years old and is well maintained. When it was restored in 2008 to bring back its beautiful look and historical value, it was and still has been a top priority to keep this property and beautiful building maintained to keep its timeless charm. In all seasons, from the grounds, to the fixtures, you will find the property in pristine condition. People who tour and book at our venue love the historical factor that our property brings, but the historical elegance and view are what keep bringing them back. A story and history is what brings people together, and that is exactly what we continue to portray. 

We aren’t the trendy venue that you see come and go with the latest fads. We see these venues come and go with trends. For thousands of years, elegance and classic design have always been in style. That is exactly what we are. Have you ever looked back at wedding photos and cringed at how the venue and style shows exactly what year and era they were in? We have too. With our venue, we can use photos from 10+ years ago and they continue to be as beautiful as a wedding would be today. Who wouldn’t want wedding photos with a venue that could be so timeless?

If you ever have been to our venue, you know exactly what we are talking about. Our venue is right on Lake Winnebago with a beautiful harbor view. Our building just makes the view that much better. A white building with crown molding, original wood, and elegance makes for the best wedding venue. Our neutral colors throughout the building make it easy and effortless to have any sort of color for your wedding, and it’ll always look great. A romantic look will always be timeless, and when you see photos or take a tour of our venue, you’ll understand why. We have chandeliers that shimmer and glow throughout the night, we have a dark and moody full bar that has a dark ambiance, and a beautiful reception room right off of it with historical photos and dimly lit lighting. We often get the comment that our building gives “an old-money-elegance” type feel. How much more timeless can you get?

That is why we are still the Premier Waterfront Wedding Venue in Wisconsin. We will continue to uphold the value and quality of our building to ensure a great experience and view. Quite honestly, we know we are that good. If you’re looking for a timeless and beautiful wedding venue on the water, we got you. You can schedule a tour or book a consultation with us right from this website. Feel free to check out our social media platforms while you’re looking at our website. You’ll see why we like to brag! 😉

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Photography Credits: Hart and Fig Photography