Our Event Facilities

The vast grounds of The Waters boasts many features that are unique to the historic venue. While the history of the building shines through in pictures on the walls; technology, ample parking and handicap accessibility keep us modern and up to date.    

The Waters on Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI.

The Harbor

The harbor is owned and operated by The Oshkosh Yacht Club. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Oshkosh Yacht Club members use the harbor for their privately owned sailboats. Yacht Club members will not use the harbor during your event. You and your guests are welcome to arrive and depart by boat. If you know of someone arriving by boat to your event, please let us know so that we can advise where to park.


The Waters includes  a free parking lot connected to the venue. The lot has 100+ stalls along with 5 handicap accessible parking spaces. Vehicles are allowed overnight and should be picked up at the earliest convenience the next day.

Parking lot at The Waters.
Event space set up for a corporate meeting.

A/V Capabilities

The Waters has A/V compatibility on both floors. A screen, projector, microphone and sound system throughout the building and outside is available to you during your event. 

ADA Features

The Waters is equipped with an ADA entrance and elevator. The entrance is located to the right of the overhang where the front door is located. There are no curbs or stairs in the way of the outdoor area and every room indoors is accessible to all. All four of The Waters’ restrooms have an up to code ADA accessible stall. 

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