Speakeasy Nights Hosted at The Waters

We can hardly contain our excitement! Imagine a fun-filled evening with your loved ones, transported back to the roaring 1920s with jazz music, 1920s cocktails, and more! The Waters is the place to be for our speakeasy nights, where you can indulge in a swanky experience like no other. And the more, the merrier – we need you to help us build this incredible event! Come on down and join us for a night of glamour, laughter, and nostalgia. You won’t want to miss it!

Friday, October 20th

We are open from 6pm-11pm! Bring your friends who can keep a secret. There will be a new password to get in. Hint: it’s the year The Waters was built. (1903)

Friday, November 17th

We’ve got a new password to get in and it’s super exciting! The Waters is gonna be open from 6pm-11pm! Here’s a hint for the password – it’s the name of the architect who built our amazing building. (William Waters) Get ready to have some fun and enjoy the awesome vibes of The Waters tonight! Open from 6pm-11pm.

Saturday, December 9th

Open from 6pm-11pm. There will be a new password to get in. Hint: what’s another word for a modern woman? (Flapper)

Since this is a new event hosted by our venue, we need some traction! The bigger our event gets, the better the experience. Once we gain enough traction, we will have live music, food options, and more of a speakeasy feel. We are just starting this event up, so come see what we are all about!

Here is our menu for those nights: