Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Day

If you’re connected to a wedding at The Waters, you’re likely familiar with its stunning scenery and building. Among all the picturesque spots on our property, deciding on the perfect photo locations can be daunting. Fortunately, this blog showcases images illustrating where photos were captured and how effortlessly stunning they turned out. 

Just by taking in the scenery of our venue, you’ll understand the incredible photography potential. Our historic white mansion, lovingly restored to its former glory in 2008, stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Paired with the waterfront view and spacious harbor, along with the nautical-themed interior, grand staircase, and a luminous ballroom, your wedding album is bound to be filled with breathtaking moments. 

Abigail Miles Photography 

Abigail, the photographer, captured this shot by the harbor, in the grass just before the docks on the harbor, while blurring the venue in the background. The evening sky was bright with a stunning sunset, giving a romantic ambiance as the couple gazed intimately at each other. This spot for photography is one of the best spots at our venue. 

Ally Corinne Photography 

Ally Corinne, the photographer, showcased her exceptional skills by capturing the sunset reflecting on the tranquil waters of our docks. This shot, taken from the harbor facing northwest, offers a glimpse of the opposite side in the back of the photo. Us at The Waters are absolutely in love with this photo, as it shows the perfect blend of serene waters and the setting sun on the horizon, making it an ever-ideal spot for breathtaking photos. 

Ally Corrine Photography 

Once more, Ally Corinne did not disappoint. Positioned on the eastern side of our harbor, along the rocks evoking a beach-like ambiance, this photo captures the essence of tranquility. Taken during sunset, the soft hues of the evening sky imbue the image with a romantic aura. Despite the absence of the vibrant sunset on the opposite side, the beauty of this harbor view remains striking. 

Autumn Silva Photography

The photographer captured this moment on the porch, where the bride gazes out at the water, marking the beginning of her wedding day. The luminous white building lends an airy feel to the photo, providing a perfect backdrop to complement the bride’s radiant white dress. 

Rust and Roots Photography 

What an impactful and remarkable photo showcasing the groomsmen looking sharp and dapper. The stairwell situated at the rear of our building serves as an excellent spot for capturing group shots of groomsmen, bridesmaids, the bride and groom, or family. The backdrop of our white estate-like building, coupled with the architectural dimensions of the stairs, provides an ideal setting for a photoshoot, offering all the perfect angles. 

Rachel Renee Photography 

The first glances captured on the balcony are truly breathtaking. This particular photo was taken in the ballroom and features the balcony as well. Rachel, the photographer, skillfully portrays the moment when the bride is about to step onto the balcony through the French doors in the ballroom to see her new husband for the first time in her wedding attire. This location serves as the perfect setting for anticipating your partner and revealing your beauty on this memorable day. 

Megan J Photo 

Once more, capturing moments with your significant other on the balcony overlooking the waterfront yields the most stunning photos on your wedding day. This intimate location provides the perfect backdrop for you and your partner to capture breathtaking views from above, framed by the elegant white grand railings. There’s truly nothing more picturesque than the backdrop of a blue sky and a beautiful horizon. 

Rust and Roots Photography 

Getting ready photos are very glamorous and elegant looking in our upstairs landing to the stairwell. The chandeliers and rich dark woods lend an air of fantasy to the scene. Here, the bride’s mother delicately places her veil, capturing a moment with intimate mother-daughter love as she prepares to usher her daughter into the next chapter of her life. The soft, intimate ambiance is further accentuated by the gentle glow filtering through the second-floor window. 

Meghan Lee Harris Photography 

Captured on our lawn, towards the northeast or left side (when facing the building), near the smaller section of the harbor, this stunning photo perfectly encapsulates the venue’s natural beauty. We adore this image not only for its depiction of the venue’s charm but also for the remarkable background it provides, showcasing the location where the couple exchanged vows. 

Wild and Wandering Photography

Wild and wandering captured this enchanting photo on the southern or right side of the balcony, where a majestic tree stands adjacent to the building. The scene offers a picturesque view of the water and the foliage, while maintaining a romantic ambiance enhanced by the balcony’s elegant railings. 

Bear Warner Photography 

Rea, the talented photographer, skillfully captured this moment in mid-September, infusing the rainy day with an added layer of romance. Balcony photos taken at The Waters are unparalleled, and Rea’s creative direction, including the use of an umbrella prop as they walked down, adds a unique touch, making this photo truly memorable. 

Bear Warner Photography 

Grand entrance photos truly capture the essence of the moment. In this particular shot, the bride and groom opted for a station/buffet-style dinner, allowing everyone to enjoy speeches downstairs alongside the grand entrance to their reception on the lower stairwell. This concept is perfect for couples seeking a more relaxed wedding day timeline, and the photo beautifully showcases how the staircase can enhance the grandeur of their entrance. 

If you or someone you know is getting married at The Waters, send this to them or send this to your photographer for some ideas. This might help someone who is looking to have specific photos done in the best spots at our venue.

If you are looking to have your wedding at our venue, do not hesitate to contact us! We are devoted to guiding you through every step of the journey, ensuring your dream day becomes a reality.

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