Keeping Up With Wedding Trends

The most difficult gut check question we have asked ourselves recently is are we running the business in the manner we are because it makes sense to the modern day event host? Or, do we run the business in this manner because “that’s how we have always done it?” Change is always imminent in the wedding industry. It comes with uncertainty and challenges us to think outside the box. To move forward with the times or stay in our “don’t fix what isn’t broken” path is our choice to make. We often find it hard to wrap our heads around the ever-changing world of weddings and events, but came to the conclusion that forward thinking is our goal. We aim to keep up with wedding trends all while keeping our historical and classic roots.

Not Changing is Harder

After 15 years in business, we took a good hard look at the challenges that our couples and event hosts face when planning an event here. We hang our hat on the waterfront view, ample parking and historic building, but what else do people look for when they book a venue? They look for ease of a one stop shop. What could we add to our enhancement list that would provide less stress for an event host? The answer comes in a five year plan. We decided on two items that needed immediate attention in order to keep us fresh and chic.

Change #1: Chairs

Banquet chairs were on the tip top of the list. Current banquet chair pros: sturdy, easily stackable, can fit on our limited storage. Cons: outdated, the blue and gold fabric hasn’t stood up to the times and trends. New fabric, same frame; we made the decision to move forward. VIOLA! Now we have beautiful beige banquet chairs. They match the building and most color schemes. Aesthetically pleasing chairs are now included in the venue rental.

Change #2: Linens

Next on the block was linens. Most hosts currently go through their caterer for linens. Moving forward, we provide linens and manage the set-up. 25 linens are provided within the building price when you book a wedding. We encourage event hosts to rent linens from us if they aren’t built into the venue price. They are floor length and pressed, and hosts may choose from white, ivory or navy.

Close up of new chairs and navy linen. Trendy, classy and keeping up with wedding trends.

Keeping up with Wedding Trends

So many other changes are happening in order to keep up with wedding trends behind the scenes in order to beautify and add curb appeal to The Waters in the future. We are excited about our updates and can’t wait to keep you in the know!